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three ays to think differently about your erotic conflicts

Three Ways to Think Differently About Your ‘Erotic Conflicts’

An ‘erotic conflict’ exists when an individual’s sexual desires, fantasies and behaviours are, or feel, inconsistent with their personal values, belief systems or the commitments they have made to others. An erotic conflict might be specific to a single behaviour. For example, someone may have the desire to, or actively, view porn despite the fact […]

sex addiction sells sex therapy toronto

Sex Addiction Sells!

In my last blog post, Porn Addiction: Myth or Method?, I shared the scientific community’s view that the concept of ‘porn’ or ‘sex addiction’ is not an empirically validated model of assessing or treating compulsive sexual behaviours, rather that it is inaccurate ideology that we’ve adopted in an effort to make sense of a really […]

Porn Addiction:  Myth or Method?

Porn Addiction – Myth or Method?

Porn Addiction:  Myth or Method? Last week, I was contacted by a journalist, Erika Peter, who curates a cool site for millennials called Erika was writing an article on porn addiction and wanted my ‘expert’ view.   Clearly having done her research, she asked a number of pointed and relevant questions.  Here are a few […]

Let’s Talk!

The annual Bell ‘Let’s Talk’ Day is on January 27th.  The ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign recognizes that ‘talking is the best way to break down the barriers associated with mental illness’ and that it ‘is the first step to creating meaningful change and building awareness, acceptance and action’.  For more info: So, how do put […]

Ask an Expert!

This year’s theme for Social Work Week, sponsored by the Ontario Association of Social Work, is ‘ Social Workers Turn Issues into Action’. The tagline for the public education campaign reads: ‘Social Workers: Real Experts for Real Life’. The campaign recognizes that, ‘… all too often members of the public know little about our profession […]