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By Rob Peach

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This year’s theme for Social Work Week, sponsored by the Ontario Association of Social Work, is ‘ Social Workers Turn Issues into Action’. The tagline for the public education campaign reads:

‘Social Workers: Real Experts for Real Life’.

The campaign recognizes that, ‘… all too often members of the public know little about our profession or hold narrow, inaccurate and/or unfavorable impressions of social workers. ‘

Changing this impression is crucial to changing the public’s perceptions of our scope of practice and is essential to the funding of social work services.

You might not know that both the professions of Social Work and Psychotherapy are fully regulated health professions in the Province of Ontario. Or, that Revenue Canada has recognizes Social Work Service as a tax-deductible medical expense. You may also not realize that most private medical / extended health benefit plans offer coverage for services provided by Registered Social Workers.

So, are social workers experts? The OASW thinks so! And, the research they’ve conducted throughout the development of this campaign supports this belief.

According to the OASW, social work expertise comes from, ‘… our unique education, understanding of systems, grounding in the social determinants of health and strength based approach ideally position social workers to help the members of the public to find answers to issues they want to resolve’.

In support of this campaign, I’ll put my modesty aside for a moment and ask: Does this combination of education and experience make me, Rob Peach, MSW RSW, an expert in my field?   Let’s check the facts so you decide for yourself!

_ graduate social work education from University of Toronto

_ professional registration in Ontario with the OCSWSSW

_ academic appointment with the University of Toronto

_ registration as an Associate with the Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy and Counseling in Ontario

_ regular media inquiries

_ 10 years of clinical experience in the field of sex therapy.

If you have concerns about your sexuality and are considering seeking support from a sex therapist, consider a social worker!

My ‘expertise’ includes treating hypersexuality (sex or porn ‘addiction’), erectile dysfunction, sexual fetishes and paraphilias as well as couples counseling for those in relationships that are impacted by issues like these.

Check out the OASW’s website,, to find someone in your area. Or, contact me today for help to ‘Turn Issues Into Answers’!

The Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) is the voice of social workers in Ontario. OASW is a voluntary, provincial, non-profit bilingual association for social workers. All practising members have a university degree in social work at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level.

Incorporated in 1964, OASW has over 5000 members and 15 branches across the province. OASW speaks on behalf of the interests and concerns of social workers. OASW advocates for the improvement of social policies and programs directly affecting social work clients and social work practice, develops role statements and position papers related to professional practice, publishes an online provincial newsmagazine and numerous branch newsletters, and provides direct services to its members.

Learn more about the OASW at:

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