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Mike Kuban AssociateMichael Kuban, M.Sc, M.Ed., is a Registered Psychotherapist, researcher and sexologist with twenty five years of experience providing assessment and direct treatment to men who have experienced difficulties in their lives as a result of sexual paraphilias and fetishes.

As a clinician, Michael has provided both individual and group psychotherapy to men seeking to better understand and address their sexual interests.

As a researcher, he has coauthored and published 27 peer reviewed academic journal articles and book chapters.  He has invited to lecture and has presented at over 25 international sexology conferences on his research.  To date, his research has received over 3600 publication downloads and over 1000 academic citations.

Michael is available for consultation on complex sexological issues and to offer expertise to other professionals on working with men with sexual behaviour concerns.  He offers expertise in sexological theory and with the assessment and treatment of sexual paraphilias.

Michael is a Registered Psychotherapist (ON) and has an interest in individual psychotherapy.  He provides insight oriented and evidence based therapy to men who are interested in exploring their sexual thoughts, urges and behaviours.

Michael can be contacted directly at Mike_Kuban [at] or 647 502-4552.

Michael’s fee is $135 per 50 minute session.



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