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Men can experience a decrease in their sex drive, a loss of interest in physical intimacy or difficulties with maintaining an erection at any point in life.

Generally, there is no single cause for difficulties with sexual functioning.  Biological, emotional and relationship factors all can impact your ability to function at your optimal level and negatively impact your levels of satisfaction with your sexual activities.

In therapy, we can work to identify the underlying issues that may be contributing to your sexual dysfunction and causing you frustration.  Moreover, I can help you to develop strategies to manage both the performance issues themselves and the anxieties that may come along with these difficulties.

There are effective, clinically proven non-medicinal interventions that can help you to feel better able to develop and maintain an erection, avoid issues like premature ejaculation and feel more satisfied with your ability to reach orgasm.  These issues, while common, can be difficult to talk about.  Having a therapist experienced and skilled in dealing with these issues can make a difference.

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“Man is free the instant he wants himself to be.”

– Voltaire –