Legal Issues


If you have had difficulty with the law as a result of your sexual behaviours, you may benefit from treatment with a sex therapist like Rob who is experienced in providing treatment to individuals with illegal sexual interests or who have been accused of perpetrating a sexual offence.

Or, if you are concerned that you are at risk of having trouble with the law because of your sexual interests, therapy with Rob can help you to develop the skills to better regulate your sexual thoughts and urges.

With improved control over your sexual behaviour, you can minimize the likelihood of being charged with a sexual offence.

Rob is a Clinical Member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA).  Clinical Membership with ATSA requires the provision of 3000 clinical hours of supervised assessment and direct treatment of individuals who have had conflict with the law as a result of their sexual behaviours. 

Though Rob presently works independently, his qualifying hours for admission to ATSA were completed in his former position as a clinician with the Centre For Addiction and Mental Health’s Sexual Behaviour Clinic.

If you do have outstanding charges for a sexual offence, Rob can also prepare a report that your lawyer can submit to the courts outlining your progress in therapy which may be useful in supporting your defence.


Many people with sexual behaviour issues also struggle with problems with substance use, depression and anxiety and with problems with gambling.

While sex may help you cope with these problems in the short term, they don’t help you to deal with the real issues that are bothering you.

Many issues are interrelated and I understand that there is often a direct relationship between your coping mechanisms and your sexual behaviours.

Time for Change

I have experience and training in providing treatment for a range of mental health and addiction issues and I have specialized training in dealing with ‘concurrent disorders’.
Things can get better. I can help.

Change is possible.

It can be a difficult decision to seek treatment for sexual difficulties and it is important to seek treatment from an experienced, skilled and compassionate therapist. I welcome any questions you may have to support you to achieve better control.