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Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse are often vulnerable to experiencing a range of challenging and often overwhelming emotions.   Some survivors experience severe anxiety and depression.  Others struggle with low self-esteem or guilt and shame about their abuse.  Some even experience painful ‘flashbacks’ of their abuse.

Many survivors of abuse struggle, as adults, to develop healthy intimate and sexual relationships.  Memories of past abuse, fears of being hurt again and struggles to trust others often prevent survivors from feeling free to fully and wholly connect with their partners.

The good news is that, as therapists, we have a wide array of clinically proven interventions that we can draw from to support your journey towards healing.   For some clients, that might mean connecting current difficulties with their sexuality to their past abuse.  For others, it might mean developing healthier skills to better cope with the pain of their past.

Having a trusted therapist who is skilled in supporting survivors of sexual abuse can be an important part of moving forward.   You no longer need to suffer in silence.  There is help and reason to be hopeful .

Take the First Step Toward Change Today.

“Man is free the instant he wants himself to be.”

– Voltaire –