Are you a mom struggling to cope with the multiple demands of caring for your children during these uncertain times? 

Have you recently given birth and think you might be struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety? 

Are you having a hard time reconnecting either emotionally or sexually with your partner? 

Or, like many moms, are you feeling isolated and alone?

Whether you are a first time or experienced parent, challenges with your mood, overwhelm and exhaustion can prevent you from feeling like yourself.

Therapy can help you overcome the spirals of distress that prevent you from engaging with  the relationships that matter the most in your life, this includes the relationship you have with yourself. 

I’m a Registered Nurse specializing in providing mental health support to mothers. 

My clinical experience includes treating issues like perinatal depression and anxiety, helping women develop strategies to cope with the changing needs of their children and to support women in reestablishing their desire for sexual intimacy. 

As a mother to three young children myself, I understand how hard it can be to balance meeting the needs of your children, your partner, the demands of your job and, at the same time, finding a way to nurture and honour yourself and your health..

In my practice, I treat women from all walks of life, including women in both opposite and same sex relationships, women parenting on their own or taking on the challenge of coparenting with an ex spouse post separation. 

Treatment with a qualified RN therapist like myself can offer you emotional support, a safe place to process your distress and to learn skills and techniques for coping with emotional challenges.

Therapy is a forum where you can learn about yourself, make sense of what is happening and find practical strategies to manage the challenges that are making it difficult for you to find peace or enjoyment in your life.

As an RN therapist I can  help you to develop  practical skills to cope with challenging child care issues and to communicate more effectively with your partners about your own personal emotional, mental health and sexual needs.

Please feel free to contact me at or at our office at 416 575-2370.  My rate per 50 minute session is $125.00.

Given that my practice is supervised by a Registered Social Worker, I can issue receipts that, depending on your insurance plan, may qualify you for coverage for our work together.